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What's In a Name? The Evolution of Our Brand

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

From Day 1 of our opening and the “Big Reveal” of our new fitness space’s moniker, PhaseFit, we have been asked “how (and why) did you come up with PhaseFit as a name?” There is a long answer that involves SEOs, trademarks, websites, business licenses, etc. But that all came after we landed on the name, and I won’t bother you with all of that here. I’d rather relay who we are based on a set of beliefs and exercise tenets.

But first, who and what we are NOT:


OrangeTheory Planet Fitness

Equinox SoulCycle Any kind of Yoga!

All of these modalities are fine, and we are not condemning them by any means. But we feel that our philosophy and approach combine the best of the above into a sustainable and FUN, INTENSE, and TOTAL BODY (F.I.T.) workout, complemented by immersive playlists that make you want to rave about your experience and keep coming back!

The PhaseFit philosophy:

There are 5 phases, or stages, of exercise progression:

: Corrective Exercise

: Stability

: Endurance

: Strength

: Power and Speed

Our classes, and class names, are shaped around these 5 phases. Not every athlete needs to start at Phase 1, for example, but if they want more focus on corrective movements and/or stabilization, i.e. after injury or surgery, “we have a plan for that!” (FREE and FLOW classes).

Phases 2 - 5 we address during each week of F.I.T. and F.I.T. Plus classes. Rest assured you will get plenty of Endurance, Strength, and Power & Speed work in! Finally, we also have specialization programs and personal training for anyone who needs targeted training for their specific sport or athletic endeavor.

Our varied and scalable workouts are designed to create a fulfilling experience while building community. In fact many of our members schedule their workouts around when their gym-mates will be attending, and we love that! You will also meet new folks (and perhaps create lifelong friendships!) in our many partner-based exercise blocks. These sets are the ties that bind, and keeps you coming back for more!

If you visit 3-4 times a week you should expect to target all body parts weekly and perform better over time -- lift a heavier weight when pressing overhead or doing dumbbell rows, hit a faster split time on the ski erg or rower, increase your reps in any bodyweight exercise in a given time period, move up in rank in kettlebell sport. And most importantly, live your life in a more mobile, stronger, capable body.

Current members, if you’ve read this far, Bring a Friend between through September 30th and their first workout is free!

Thank you for your patronage!

Jen and the PhaseFit Team

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