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Muddy Soccer


We help professionals, novices, and beginners reach peak performance.  See what our clients have to say. 


California Golden Bears
Wyatt Meyer

About a year ago, I realized I needed to level up for college soccer. I was coming in as a freshman in the middle of the year and was worried I was going to get my ass handed to me. Without hesitation, I reached out to the most knowledgeable person I knew when it came to soccer specific fitness and general athletic performance, Gina. She helped me get stronger and more explosive without becoming too bulky or loosing quickness. The workouts were brutal, but exactly what I needed. She pushed me further than I could push myself and educated me about taking care of my body as a high level athlete. After working with Gina, I came in one of the fittest guys on the team and was able to make a good first impression. I am especially thankful for the guidance and habits, specifically stretching and mobility routines, that I continue to use in my day to day life. I highly recommend Phasefit.  

Spurs FC Executive Director
Ted Steen

We are very impressed by our sessions with PhaseFit thus far this winter season! The coaching and facilities are top-notch and support our players to achieve their full potential by improving their physical capabilities through soccer-specific training.

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Saint Marys Varsity Soccer Team  Mavericks State Premier Team
Gina Sorbi

I have been working with Gina Woodward for several years now. Gina has helped me not only with my wanting to become more flexible and stronger but also has taught me mobility exercises for injury prevention as I play soccer. She has also taught how to believe in myself and how to be mentally confident. Overall Gina is so knowledgeable about mobility for my body and I learn something new every session with her. I always feel that her exercises and mobility really work to help me to be a better soccer player. She is always is always positive and encourages me to be the best version of myself. I also love meeting with her at PhaseFit as it has all the necessary equipment which helps me do my exercises and improve. I could never have a better fitness trainer than Gina. 

Spurs Soccer G07 Blue
Taylor Kelso

Training at PhaseFit (and Coach Gina) has helped me to become a better athlete. It has made me a stronger, more explosive , and powerful goalie and soccer player. It has also increased my confidence in my strength and endurance.

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