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Sports Performance: Youth & Young Adults

Do you want to be faster? If so, how do you do that? How about stronger? Do you do  resistance training? Why not? If you do, what do you do? Where do you get your  workouts? Do you know how to strength train for your sport?

Female Soccer Players


Develop Strength and Stability to Support Efficient, Athletic Movement and Injury Prevention

Movement Prep (Evolution from the warm-up) → to
prep for the physical demands of the session and
prevent injury

Athletic Movements Skills Dominance and the
transitions between them→ what deciphers elite level
athletes and novice

Plyometrics- Key to Speed and Explosiveness
Energy Systems Development (Fitness)→ The High
Performance Engine

Energy Systems Development (Fitness)→ The High
Performance Engine


Core Stability and Athletic Performance

Core stability enables athletes to control their body
position, generate optimum power, and transfer
force along the kinetic chain.

Core stability is often needed in rotational
movements, which is required in almost every sport.

Strengthening core stabilizers, athletes can
maximize strength in their arms and legs.

Developing core strength and stability enables
athletes to maximize their power output and
enhance gameday performance.

Youth Basketball Game
Image by Vince Fleming


Core Stability and Injury Prevention

When the core is weak relative to the body, the athlete becomes accustomed to overusing other muscle groups to produce the desired force in any movement.  Generally, this puts more strain on muscles to generate energy and on joints to transfer it.

For example, athletes with knee injuries tend to have
weak hip muscles or tight hip flexors which cause them to improperly shift weight from their trunk causing their knee to be prone to tearing.


Ultimately, designing a program including core strength will produce athletes with greater stability and proper muscle recruitment while in action.


Building the Foundations of Elite Movement Performance for ANYTHING!

Goal is to develop Strong, resilient, and adaptable bodies ready for the challenges of growth and sport

Help mitigate the consequences of sitting
at a desk all day:
- Do you child have poor posture?
- Do have about neck or head pain? Do you
have headaches/migraines?
- Do you have from back pain or stiffness?
- Does your child complain about hip
tightness or pain?


Target movement, mechanical, and
strength deficiencies early to avoid

Youth Basketball Team
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